Most thermal pad suppliers are scrambling to find silicone free materials to replace silicone foams in applications where silicone oil contamination is unacceptable.

Alternative materials, if made as compliant as silicone, fall far short of the conductivity achieved with silicone foam gap fillers.

Lundell Manufacturing’s patent pending technology offers a solution that encapsulates silicone foam pads, preventing oils from leaching and contaminating surfaces while providing a soft, compliant, easily separable gap filler that performs better thermally than state of the art non-silicone alternatives.

Lundell's solution can be custom tailored to your application. It can utilize any of the available silicone based thermal materials on the market, allowing you to select the optimal gap filler without concern for the level of extractable oils. It can even combine silicone foams with other less expensive, more compliant materials in one package. They can be easily handled and arranged to place multiple silicone thermal pads for an optimized use of materials.


Encapsulated gap filler is compliant enough to conform to surface features of the components being cooled.